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The "Aspiring..." Series

Who am I outside of my product design career?

I am a human before I am a Product Designer. Life is full of possibilities, and I aim to explore them to the fullest. Here are some personal projects I'm deeply passionate about.

Cover - All Booked.png
“All Booked” Book Club
as an aspiring reader

I started a small book club when I first moved to San Francisco, where I've been fortunate to find a community of thoughtful, bright friends who share my passion for social issues and personal growth. 

Cover - PM.png
iSchool Peer Mentorship
as an aspiring mentor

My wonderful friend Paula and I had the pleasure of co-mentoring six first-year User Experience Design graduate students at the University of Toronto. We organized friendly, engaging workshops to help them uncover their strengths and propel their success as designers.

Cover - AAPI.png
"Cities After COVID-19" Academic Research
as an aspiring researcher

My friends and I were awarded a research stipend from the University of Toronto and University College London to investigate data practices and transparency related to Anti-Asian Hate Crimes during the pandemic.

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