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This is how I look at work (when I'm in the office)!


Hi there! 🥂

I'm Nicole, a Product Designer based in San Francisco, specializing in reimagining business processes and crafting innovative digital solutions with exceptional user experience.

My journey began in management consulting, where I discovered my passion for problem-solving and creating fantastic experiences through a humanistic lens. After completing my Master's Program in UX Design at the University of Toronto, I transitioned into Product Design and have been dedicated to it ever since.

Over the years, I've developed a diverse portfolio, having built enterprise products at Loblaw and established design teams at startups like FreshFind and PickEasy. In 2022, I joined Spectrum's Digital Platforms Agency team, embarking on a new chapter in San Francisco. At Spectrum, I lead the coordination of design strategy and delivery efforts, ensuring our team has the support needed to exceed stakeholder expectations with high-quality deliverables.

Beyond work, you can find me immersed in a good book or enjoying long walks at the Golden Gate Park. Feel free to explore some of my non-design projects here!

Brainstorming ideas on robots' evolving roles in childcare in the Speculative Design class at UofT with my friends!

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