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This is how I look at work (when I'm in the office)!


Converging ideas on robots' evolving roles in childcare in a design class at UofT with my friends!

Hi there! 🥂

I'm Nicole, a Product Designer @Spectrum. I specialize in designing innovative enterprise mobile and web products. I graduated from my Master of Information (User Experience Design) program at the University of Toronto in 2022. 

Prior to becoming a designer, I worked in the venture capital and management consulting industries in Hong Kong. Throughout my 2 fruitful years as a Business Analyst, I specialized in business process reengineering for authorities and financial institutions. 


Product design found its way into my life when I spent nights working around these great projects. I enjoy listening to people's stories and creating numerous possibilities to improve their lives. I led design strategy projects @FreshFind (where I tried to scale a design team for the very first time!) and reimagine product experience for colleagues and customers @Loblaw. I joined the Digital Platforms Agency team of Spectrum and kickstarted my new adventure in San Francisco afterward!

I also worked on a bunch of interesting projects at the University of Toronto, including Accessible and Inclusive Design and Speculative Design. We even created a website for a fictional mind uploading business (You'll love it if you enjoy the TV series Upload on Amazon Prime Video).

Outside of work, I enjoy singing, reading, and going on nice walks with family and friends!

3 Fun Facts About Me
  1. I worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando for 2 months and went to the parks daily.

  2. I moved between 2 countries (🇨🇦 🇺🇸) over the pandemic.

  3. My favorite sitcom is Modern Family!

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