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Web Redesign  •  Apr - Sep 2021

I led the FreshFind Design Team, where I worked on redesigning the eCommerce web platform and visual system to improve the consumer shopping experience and efficiency.

I had the pleasure to reimagine the FreshFind shopping experience with the two co-founders, James and Mike, as well as an amazing design team. Our goal was to design an engaging way for consumers to discover local businesses and products. We evaluated the existing website of FreshFind and identified areas of improvements with user-centered design methods.

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Project Overview


Built and coordinated a design team of 5. Led research and discovery. Redesigned the information architecture and UI of the website. Created prototypes.


UX Design, Business


6 Months




Figma, Adobe XD, FigJam

FreshFind is an eCommerce platform that connects local consumers and businesses. Featuring both Farmers' Market and Individual Producers, it aims to build a community that is conscious of product quality and responsible consumption.

Whilst the majority of FreshFind's revenue comes from its Point-of-Sales system oriented toward business owners, this project intends to expand its sales pipeline by creating an intuitive online shopping experience for local-conscious consumers. 



Unintuitive website design limits the online sales of local products.

We identified the pain points below in our research:

  • The existing website lacks a clear structure, hence making it difficult for consumers to explore products offered by local businesses.

  • The overcrowded visual language of the website makes it challenging to communicate the unique value proposition of FreshFind - the authentic touch with a real and diligent person behind every business.


We enhanced the product discoverability on FreshFind's website with a new organization scheme and a cleaner design visual system. Deliverables included sitemap, wireframes, mockups, and design system documentation for development hand-off.

UX Research

I led semi-structured interviews with 5 local business owners to understand how they made use of the existing FreshFind website and any pain points they encountered. 


Formulating content strategies was another foundation of our research phase. I led 2 content audit sessions with the co-founders to understand the purpose of specific sections and discover how we can optimize the content to drive business growth.

Our team noticed an unorganized schema that consists of duplicated pages prevented users from easy product and service discovery, eventually hindering sales performance.

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To achieve the primary goal of driving sales, we redesigned the website's backbone to provide a clearer structure for customers to discover local products easily. It consists of the four primary pages of Home, Shop Local, Sell on FreshFind and About.


Design Highlights

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Before - There was limited context on FreshFind's business nature as a marketplace. Customers could only discover products on secondary pages when they searched by postal code.

HL - Home 2.png

After - Customers can easily discover local products, businesses, and experiences by browsing highlighted cards. We show product and business images that are relevant to customers upfront.

Shop Local
HL - Shop Local 1.png
HL - Shop Local 2.png

Before - Customers could only browse 3 - 4  options under each category (i.e. Farmers' Markets & Local Vendors) with a horizontal carousel. They had to click "View All" to browse the full list. There was no context to what each card represented.

After - Customers can explore more offerings through vertical scrolling in grid view. Additional information including distance and logistics options are shown. Map view is made optional to provide flexibility for customers with different exploration habits.

HL - About 1.png
HL - About 2.png

Before - Confusing secondary menu was shown, and each item directed customers to a new page. The information hierarchy of the page content was unclear. 

After - Focused on communicating the value proposition of FreshFind. Redefined the information hierarchy of page content, and integrated relevant secondary sections into the page footer. 

Typography and Color Palette

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