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Image by Osama Saeed

iSchool Peer Mentorship

I enjoyed helping people grow and realize their potentials. I "co-parented" 6 first-year UXD students from my Master's program with my good friend Paula Akemi through the Faculty of Information (iSchool) Peer Mentorship Program. With Paula's research expertise and my design experience, we organized a series of workshops to share our success and lessons learned with our mentees and build a collaborative peer community.

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Miro + Faciliation Workshop

Paula, a seasoned facilitator, introduced a few useful tips in designing workshops to discover users' needs and start meaningful conversations. 


Intro to Design Tools Workshop

I introduced some techniques for our mentees to navigate Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, as well as the importance of the design system. We learned the tools hands-on by designing a mobile app landing page.  

iSchool PM - Design.png
Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron


In-Person Meetup!

We organized a small in-person meetup to talk about our aspirations, school life, and tips for internship applications!


Portfolio Workshop

We shared our experience in preparing a portfolio and conducted an interactive workshop to discover the vocal point of each mentee's portfolio.

iSchool PM - Portfolio.png
Image by João Ferrão


1-on-1 Resume Review Session

We invited our mentees to share their resumes with us, followed by a short 1-on-1 Zoom call to give feedback on the content and visual language of their resumes.

More workshops to come...

For the spring and winter semesters, we have planned workshops on internship application, interviews preparation, and experience sharing. Stay tuned!

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